March 16, 2023

The Future 50 in Dallas-Fort Worth 2023: Meet the Game-Changing Disruptors Driving Innovation and Impact

Spacee Marketing Team
Spacee Marketing
By Quincy Preston      -    March 16, 2023

These standouts—startup founders, tech pioneers, educators, creators, social innovators, and business leaders—are transforming entire industries and making waves in their respective fields.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving world, the need for innovation has never been greater.

In this special feature, we present the North Texas innovators and disruptors you need to know in 2023. You’ll meet the Future 50 in Dallas-Fort Worth—a group of forward-thinking individuals and organizations who are shaping the future of their industries and communities.

Our editors’ picks include a wide range of fields including startups, enterprises, education, invention, and more. From 3D-printed homes to virtual rehab, our diverse innovators are developing new products and services that have the potential to transform entire industries and create a better future for all.

You’ll also find inspiring innovators who are driven by a desire to benefit society and improve people’s lives. They’re creating game-changing solutions in healthcare, education, sustainability, and other areas of social or technological advancement.

Beyond industry, what sets these innovators apart is their diversity of experience and expertise. Some are seasoned industry leaders who’ve been driving innovation for decades, while others are rising stars with fresh perspectives and bold ideas. But they have one thing in common: Leading the charge for change.

The Future 50 in Dallas-Fort Worth are featured in Dallas Innovates 2023 magazine.

Mirna Abyad Baloul
President, COO, and Secretary of the Board, Spacee


Dallas-based Spacee is on the “bleeding edge” of technology, using AI and computer vision to give retailers real-time visibility to track inventory. Its Deming shelf-mounted robots, which provide stores with precise customer behavior and supply-chain data, have an easy-to-define ROI. And its HoverTouch interactive systems have myriad creative use cases, reinventing the way customers interact with a company’s products.  But behind these transformative technologies is Baloul, the legal brain helping protect and advance Spacee’s innovations. The startup currently has 14 patent families equating to around 60 to 70 patent applications worldwide, Baloul says. As an engineer with a background in electrical engineering and a woman in AI, she also advocates for more diversity and inclusion in the field. Baloul speaks around the world at conferences, finding opportunities to encourage “influencers of change.”

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