Give your clients distinguished and revenue generating interactive experiences. HoverTouch brings a safe "wow-factor" to life in a physical environment.

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TRANSFORMING Existing Surfaces

  • Enables Surface To Respond, React, Market, And Educate
  • Gathers Actionable Real-Time Analytical Data
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Provides A Safe Interactive Experience on Any Surface
  • Mirrors The World Of On-line Activity
  • Injects Intelligence Into The Real World
  • No Touch Interactivity Available Allows For Hover Or Touch
  • Leverages Your Existing Content
  • Captures And Guides Consumer Behavior
HoverTouch Product Display at Super Shoes

Use Cases

Transform existing walls into revenue generators

Turn unused walls into revenue generating marketing experiences for your customer base. HoverTouch Walls are virtually unbreakable compared with other interactive devices.

Creative Experiential Marketing

No RFID. No Barcode reading. Pure Computer Vision gives the CPG and FMPG clients the ability to take existing products and make them "smart" giving the customers the ability to explore just by touch. Plus measure Browsing vs. buying.

Interactive Product Displays

Turn any surface into an interface for your clients' products or services. Spacee's HoverTouch is deviceless augmented reality, so no need for goggles, headsets, tablets or phones.

Large Virtual Touch Experiences

You can turn any surface (ex. walls, glass, side of a truck, etc.) into and fun, magical, informative and interactive experience for your client.

Make Retail Space Come Alive

Turn the boring row upon row of products in a retail environments in a experience that helps inform and sell products similar to what the customer can find on line.

A WOW Experience

Combine a virtually unbreakable touchscreen, image recognition and object classification to deliver a unique, "Wow product experience" for the shopper.

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