Looking for a new level of productivity empowered by real-time data? HoverTouch technology provides actionable insights, promotes effective action plans based on real-time data from devices, while inducing more time on the floor, rather than retrieving to an office to get such information.

HoverTouch technology facilitates an effective communication tool with halo-effect of device status to multiple employees before walking into a loud environment. The touchless feature expedite interaction despite wearing gloves, or any protection gear.  

Live data at your fingertips - where you need it and when you need it.

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TRANSFORMING Existing Surfaces

  • Enables Surface To Respond, React, Market, And Educate
  • Gathers Actionable Real-Time Analytical Data
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Provides A Safe Interactive Experience On Any Surface
  • Mirrors The World Of On-line Activity
  • Injects Intelligence Into The Real World
  • No Touch Interactivity Available Allows For Hover Or Touch
  • Leverages Your Existing Content
  • Captures And Guides Consumer Behavior
HoverTouch Interactive Projection Wall

Use Cases

Transform existing walls into information centers

Turn unused walls into information centers for you team members. HoverTouch Walls are virtually unbreakable compared with other interactive devices.

Interactive Real Time Data on The Shop Floor

Put real time data not just in the back office, but right on the shop floor where management and the employees can all see the information so they can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Large Virtual Touch Experiences

Corporate communication, sales goals, and important messages are interactive on an unbreakable wall in the back office or break room. How would you use a virtually unbreakable and inexpensive touch screen? 

Management On The Floor, Not Staring At A Screen In Their Office

They is always a level of frustration when management is spending more time in their office staring at the reports on their computer instead of on the shop floor where all the action is happening.

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