Deming® provides a solution for the missing link between
what you think and what you know about your store inventory. It solves the multi-billion-dollar inventory problems that continue to challenge the retail store environment.

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RETHINK your definition of Inventory visibility

Deming ROVR moving along its track, scanning the opposite side of the aisle

Use Cases

Peg and Shelf Level Out Of Stock Notification

Deming® robots can identify out of stocks every thirty minutes and notify store personnel to immediately fill the shelf to maximize sales for that item.

Enhance POG Integrity

The corporate office spends countless hours on building the perfect POG only to wonder what the execution level of the POG in is not only after initial set, but every day of the year. Deming® robots can validate store level execution of POG's compared to what is in your space planning system.

Analyzing Your POG Every 30 Minutes

Our Deming® ROVR can travel the length of your aisle every 30 minutes analyzing out of stocks, POG integrity and price label accuracy.

Price Label Accuracy

Are all you price labels place correctly to avoid customer complaints? Deming® robots can help valid store level execution of labels compared to the POG in your space planning system.

No In Aisle Robots

Our solution is invisible to the customers shopping experience.

A Total Solution

Deming® range of technology combines ROVR™, RANGR™ and OBSERVR™ products to provide a total solution to manage all your inventory management needs.

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