May 17, 2023

Intro to the Dallas AI Center

Spacee Marketing Team
Spacee Marketing

Hosted By Dallas Software Lunch Bunch
Wednesday, May 17th
11:30am - 1pm

TOPIC:  Intro to AI Center & Spacee

The Dallas Software Lunch Bunch is an informal group of current and former C-level software executives in Dallas. The purpose of our monthly lunches is to build meaningful relationships with one another and leverage our collective expertise and networks for the benefit of the group and for software startups in Dallas.

Our only requirement for attendance is a background/interest in software and technology. We recommend accredited investor status, but do not require or verify. We meet every third Wednesday and usually follow a quarterly rotation of downtown, Collin County, and then an educational event.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a private group in which membership is by invitation or referral only. Please note the name of the person that referred or invited you when makign a request to join.

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