March 11, 2023

Dallas AI presents Generative AI Workshop in Richardson, TX

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March 11th
Richardson IQ
For More Info:

                                                                            LEARN CHATGPT &TEXT-TO IMAGE AI SKILLS
                                                                             HANDS-ON TRAINING - NO CODED NEEDED
                                                                                FOR BUSINESS USERS AND DEVELOPERS

Dallas AI is offering a one-day workshop on state-of-the-art #Generative#AI on 3/11/23 at Richardson IQ.

The workshop provides an in-depth knowledge and business applications of language models such as ChatGPT and Image generation models such as Dall-E-2 and Stable Diffusion. The workshop includes:

-hands-on projects.

The first 4 hours will be for everyone (no-code tools). For developers, there will be an extended track with coding labs.. The course will be taught by the Dallas AI team of senior industry practitioners.

Follow the links below to pay and register - send questions to

No-code Track:
Developer Track:


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