November 25, 2022

Spacee’s Deming Now Lets Retail Managers see Shelves, get Real-time Inventory Data Remotely

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Spacee Marketing

Technology | November 25, 2022

Dallas, Texas-based Spacee, which provides the best computer vision and AI solutions that help businesses drive new insights, improve efficiency and boost revenue, launched a new version of its Deming shelf-mounted robots with live video feed capabilities, allowing retail store managers to see shelves and get real-time inventory snapshots remotely.

Skip Howard, founder and CEO, Spacee

Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee, said: “There is a huge gap between what data retailers can collect in their e-commerce operations and what they can get from physical stores. Spacee helps fill that gap with critical in-store customer and supply chain data. Our latest Deming robots now take it to the next level with live and recorded video feeds.”

Spacee’s unobtrusive Deming robots roam across shelves capturing inventory data. While it can take several days for staff to capture inventory manually and a full day for a floor robot, Deming can provide an accurate inventory accounting of an entire facility in under a minute. Deming installation requires just one tool and about 30 minutes per aisle.

Deming provides critical inventory data for retailers who pick e-commerce orders out of stores. Deming is the only retail inventory measurement solution that provides accurate, near-real-time data and creates a video walkthrough that managers can view from anywhere. Retailers can use Deming just for video walkthroughs or add extra capabilities such as inventory tracking.

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