January 19, 2023

Designing the Future of Trade Show Booths

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January 18, 2023                                                                                              Spacee Marketing                                                                                                                                                         Mikaela Morris

Designing the Future of Trade Show Booths

Southern Methodist University (SMU)
is a private research university in University Park, Texas in partnership with Dallas civic leaders. SMU Continuing & Professional Education (CAPE) is a division of SMU that offers short courses, certificates, and customized programs taught by world-class instructors online and in person. This certificate program in high-growth professions accelerates career advancements to provide flexibility to help students acquire new, in-demand skills to apply immediately.

Duncan MacFarlane

Duncan MacFarlane is a Professor of Electrical Engineering, Bobby B. Lyle Centennial Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship, and Associate Dean for Engineering Entrepreneurship at the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University. Professor MacFarlane specializes in innovation and entrepreneurship and is a leader in engineering and business in the region.

Duncan MacFarlene has been added to Spacee advisory board since April 2022.


The Continuing & Professional Education (CAPE) program offers engaging learning opportunities for all types of learners and a wide range of degrees, certificates, and short courses to help students advance in their careers or transition successfully to new ones. Spacee brings real-world challenges to the classroom for the 4th consecutive year for the Hands-on Design Thinking Workshop taught by professor and storyteller J Schuh and teaching assistant Bill Ward.

Companies and organizations must innovate and optimize the customer experience to remain competitive and relevant and use Design Thinking methodologies to provide solution-based approaches to create customer-centric products, services, and experiences. Students develop deeper customer empathy and insight to discover important unsolved problems.

SMU Students were given the challenge to tackle a design challenge for Spacee to design a trade show booth for the industry of their choice incorporating HoverTouch technology.

From Left to Right: J Schuh, Rick Villa, and TA Bill Ward, SMU Class

J Schuh has been teaching higher education for over 20 years at Collin College, Texas A&M, and SMU C.A.P.E campuses. He is a brilliant instructor and brings a new perspective as a design strategist and innovation coach. Bill Ward has led many enticing design-thinking assignments across Dallas classrooms to introduce students to new ways of viewing ideas, brainstorming, and UX strategies.

Facilitating this project has been possible by Spacee Senior Project Manager Ricardo Villa; Rick. Rick has been participating in the Hands-on Design Thinking class at SMU for 2 years consecutively and continues to be an influential guest speaker bringing expertise working in the entertainment industry as a consultant and publisher. This semester Fall 2022, Spacee Marketing Specialist, Mikaela Morris, a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas has assisted as a second guest speaker.


The SMU class was assigned to create a trade show booth of a company of their choice and incorporate Spacee HoverTouch interactive experiences. The students worked through the design process to create a user experience taking into consideration the different personas that would be attending the event.

Post-It Note Brainstorm Activity

“We wanted the students to explore unconventional methods of using interactive projections and encouraged them that no idea was too big!”
-Ricardo Villa

Team Brainstorming Activity

“We are applying a hybrid approach (In-person/Zoom) using real sticky notes as well as MURAL so that students can learn the pros and cons of both approaches.”
- J Schuh

The students understood the progression of operation activities to deliver a valuable product to the end customer. Businesses exist to make money. To get customers to buy your product you first have to understand their wants and needs.

After five weeks of instructional lessons, the class was ready to divide into their team and work on their 15-minute presentation pitches to the Spacee stakeholders: Head of Global Marketing Ian Johnson, Software Engineer Ron Dagdag, and HoverTouch Operations Director Michael Sands.


Team #1 Kung Fu Pickles
Members: Aurora Torres, Tony Strickland, My-Loan Lam
Topic: Holland & Sherry - Luxury Fashion

Team Kung Fu Pickles

Team 1 wanted to elevate the user experience to build a more informative and personal experience when shopping for professional clothing. Attendees interact with the swatch of fabrics displayed on the wall to change the user’s garment style on the reflective kiosk. No need for changing rooms, on-hand product variants, or the stress of finding the right suite. Magic mirror, on the wall - who is the stylist of them all?

Team #2
Members: Chris Gonzales, Sherry Youngblood, Nikki Kennedy, Shawna Cooper, and Paloma Nadine
Topic:  Harry Potter via BookCon

Team Solistice

Team 2 is taking book conventions to a whole new chapter by making reading a magical experience for everyone. Users will be immersed into Harry Potter themed interactive experience, that will broaden their creativity, get them excited about reading, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience. We want you to feel like you are a part of the story, so let the magic begin! 

Team #3 The Dream Team
Members: April Sanichanh, Ethan Epstein, Setria James, Susan Jacobson
Topic: Cytonus - Biotech

The Dream Team

Team 3 is revolutionizing the way we learn about medicine and raising awareness of the leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer causes nearly 1 in 6 deaths and most people do not understand this disease unless they are cancer survivors themselves. To increase attendee retention an interactive game is presented, this helps develop an emotional appeal and successfully motivates people to care about common illnesses. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and neither should your knowledge about healthcare.

Team #4 The Nordstrom Experience
Members: Maggie Austin, Javier Loredo, Alexandre Settles, Tamara Sloan, Vickie Morton
Topic: Nordstrom - Luxury Fashion

The Nordstrom Experience

Team 4 is optimizing the supply chain by allowing retailers to analyze current buying behaviors through customer interactivity. Attendees can curate pre-market fashion products and cross-merchandise with other products that are frequently bought together, while businesses can predetermine future supply and demand trends. Branding is more than logos and colors; it’s the entire user experience.

About HoverTouch

HoverTouch is interactive ad space driving additional revenue by allowing your customers to explore your products and services, without an employee present. Transform any product or existing surface (car, wall, table, glass, etc.) into an interactive experience. HoverTouch uses interactive cameras to bring to life unique product displays. Build and manage your experiences with HoverTouch Connect, the cloud-based system that tracks activity and collects data-driven analytics with ease. HoverTouch Connect empowers you to build and manage these experiences from the cloud, track user activity, and utilize data-driven analytics with ease. HoverTouch connect measures interactivity and location, touch (click) count and sequence, and customer preferences and industry patterns.

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