November 28, 2022

Jack Selby Joins Advisory Board of Spacee

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DALLAS, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spacee, which provides the best computer vision and AI solutions that help businesses drive new insights, improve efficiency and boost revenue, announced today that technology and finance entrepreneur Jack Selby will join Spacee’s Advisory Board. Other Board members include Brad Anderson, former CEO of Best Buy; Brad Crutcher, former COO and CEO of Texas Instruments; and Duncan MacFarlane, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University.

Selby is currently Managing Director of Thiel Capital, Managing Partner at AZ-VC and Managing Partner at High Frequency Entertainment. He was one of the original employees at PayPal and later served as a Corporate Officer/Senior Vice President, overseeing the company’s international and corporate operations.

As an active technology investor and advisor, Selby is involved with notable companies such as SpaceX, Palantir, Affirm, Blend, Offerpad, Myeloid Therapeutics, Kisbee Therapeutics, Resonance Medicine, Paradox, Q Bio, Senzo, Halo, Group Nine Media, Wick Communications and many more. He is also on the advisory board of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy.

Jack Selby has decades of tech startup investing and advising experience

“I am very impressed with the team at Spacee and how they are using Computer Vision technology to address challenges retailers are facing managing inventory and improving supply chain efficiency while creating more interactive in-store environments,” said Selby. “I’m excited to jump in and work with Skip and team to bring Spacee technology to more businesses who will be leveraging AI innovation to streamline efficiencies, draw more customers into stores, and ultimately improve their bottom line.”

“Jack’s experience is invaluable to any technology company,” said Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee. “We are very fortunate to have Jack as an advisor with his decades of expertise as an entrepreneur working with giants in tech innovation. As we further develop our computer vision solutions and expand our customer footprint, Jack’s guidance and connections within the technology community will be instrumental to Spacee’s growth.”

Spacee pioneered the use of computer vision in retail in 2017, with the first Computer Vision-driven interactive in-store experiences. The company leverages computer vision AI to create unforgettable retail experiences, gather actionable real-time analytical data, and increase supply chain efficiency. The company provides two solutions:

  • HoverTouch, which transforms existing surfaces into interactive experiences; and
  • Deming, unobtrusive shelf-mounted robots that continually scan store shelves tracking inventory in near real time.

Both have been deployed by multiple retailers across the U.S, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

About Spacee
Spacee provides the best computer vision and AI solutions that help businesses drive new insights, improve efficiency and boost revenue. Spacee’s interactive displays help engage and educate, and its unobtrusive shelf robots collect near real-time inventory data needed to help decrease stockouts and improve supply chain efficiency. The company works with leading brands around the world including Audi, Walmart, Panasonic, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz. Learn more at

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