Transforming Existing Surfaces into Interactive Experiences

Spacee uses computer vision and AI to create fun, informative, educational and magical experiences on any surface (ex. wall, glass, tabletop or a car hood) that mirrors on line interactivity by leveraging your existing content.

We also track all activity that enables you to make near real time action based decisions.

Solving Your Pain Points

We provide you solutions to create safe, informative, fun, and INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES for your users.

Spacee  HoverTouch Leverages Computer Vision AI That:

  • Provides A Safe, Interactive Experience on Any Surface
  • Enables Surface To Respond, React, Market, And Educate
  • Leverages Your Existing Content
  • Mirrors The World Of On-line Activity
  • Gathers Actionable Real-Time Analytical Data That Provides Actionable Insights
  • Captures and Guides Consumer Behavior

Why HoverTouch?

Where Can You Use HoverTouch

  • Customer Service and Product Insight in Brick & Mortar Retail
  • Wayfinding for large Arenas or Conference Centers or In a Booth to Enhance Ability to Sell Your Product or Service Displays
  • Information For Hotels, in Car Dealerships or Casino Resorts Guest
  • A Salesperson That Is Always on In A Car Dealership
  • Training and Information for Employees

HoverTouch Distinguishers

When compared to the competition

Digital Signage
QR Codes
Use your content (Open Media Player)
No RFID / Barcode Scanning
Contactless Shopping
Becomes Showroom for Amazon
Total Cost Of Ownership

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