Spacee® Analytics

A.I. @ the edge
Redefine Decision Making Using Near Real-Time Analytical Data

Spacee's Highly Patented Computer Vision And AI Capabilities Provides a Completely Different Data Set to Your Environment.

Actionable Insights

• Proprietary Computer Vision and AI Code
• Expert Data Analytics Wrapped in Expert Developed Computer Vision
• Globally Patented Technology Underpin Our Solutions
• Actionable Data is Gathered Near Real Time
• Data Can Be Presented As Dashboards Or Integrated Via Api's
• Collecting Data At The Edge Maximizes Network Use And Helps You Personalize And Predict


What We Measure:
• Location
• Product
• Compliance/Out-of-Stock
• Date/Time Stamp


What We Measure:
Track Date/Time, Location, Touched item/menu
Understand “Paths of Action”
Understand Dwell Time
Measure Browsing vs. Buying
Big Data: Add in AI to tell you what you should push.


Measuring Key Metrics:
Allows for compliance improvement tracking
Deeper detail on reasons for out-of-compliance
Enables storecomparisons and best-practice sharing


Measuring Key Metrics:
Allows for tracking user activity
Number of individual sessions

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