Spacee Inspiration: "KinTrans Movement Tech Turns Motion Into Voice, Text—and Translates Sign Language." By Dallas Innovates

- Sep 17, 2018

We were inspired by this new article, written by Nicholoas Sakelaris of Dallas Innovates.

The KinTrans "technology translates Elwazer’s body movements into text and voice, allowing everyone to understand what he’s saying. In some cases, a person could even talk back to the computer, and an avatar would use sign language to translate it back.

"This sign language translation technology could revolutionize the lives of deaf people, especially as it moves to mobile devices and turns any cell phone or tablet into a sign language translator."

Elwazer and his wife, Catherine Bentley, started KinTrans to improve the lives of deaf and mute people—but the benefits go far beyond that."

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Tech Article on KinTrans Movement Tech